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Our mid-size non-taper grip with a Black & Silver Neo wrap


This Grip Features:

  • Tech Neo (Neoprene) Wrap Material
  • Midsize Circumference
  • Non-Tapered
  • Tapered Inner Core to better fit shaft
  • 60 Grams +/- 2 gr
  • Patented "Always Square" Hexagonal Profile


What is the Patented "Always Square" Hexagonal Profile?

Our engineers mapped the grips to the contact points of the hands, collecting data used to create the hexagonal profile. This profile, present on all Rosemark Grips, allows the hands to cradle the grip naturally and assures the golfer will be able to properly control the putter, achieving the most fluid and consistent putting stroke possible.


What is the NEO wrap?

The NEO (Neoprene smooth) is a high tech wet suit type material with a leather feel that provides super tackiness for golfers whose hands sweat profusely and for golfers playing in cold, wet conditions.

VENDOR Wide Top NEO Black & Silver

SKU: 8314
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