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Rosemark Grips “Tension Free Putting“ Thorn and Wide-Top series grips were developed by owner/inventor Mark Cokewell with the help of experts in biomechanics, kinesiology and orthopaedics.

Our team of experts and engineers mapped the shape and contact points of the hands, collecting data used to create the patented hexagonal design. This shape, present on all Rosemark grips, allows the hands to cradle the grip naturally and insures the golfer will be able to properly control the putter, achieving the most fluid and consistent putting stroke possible. 


Rosemark Grips uses the best wrap materials available. 


MFS: Microfiber Silicone (Silicone Nubs)

Rosemark Grips' proprietary Microfiber (MF) Silicone Bead (S) material wicks away moisture while the silicone nubs provide tackiness and enhanced tactile feel. Carefully selected zones of the grip surface are left clear of the silicone nubs to promote direct contact with the super-receptors of the fingers and thumbs. This promotes totally un-muted feedback during ball-strike, eliminating miss-hits and improving distance control. 


NEO Tour: Neo-Tech (Smooth, Leather-Feel)

The NEO (Neo-Tech smooth) is a unique, semi-absorbent material with a leather feel that provides super tackiness for golfers who’s hands sweat profusely and for golfers playing in cold, wet conditions.


Both wrap materials (MFS & NEO) are washable, will maintain tackiness throughout the life of the grip and will last two to three times as long as the popular leading putter grips that use an inferior PU material wrap.

Rosemark Grips have been on the putters of many of the worlds best golfers, including World Number One Lydia Ko and several Golf Hall of Fame golfers. 3 Majors, Olympic Silver Medal, wins on US Senior Am, PGA, LPGA, LET, Champions, Asia, Japan, Korean, SA and more. Over 20 wins worldwide so far. 

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